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Inoue Lab

Osaka University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Department of Computer Science Software Engineering Laboratory

General Outline of the Laboratory

In this laboratory, we study the technologies that support software development, maintenance and management. We engage in research work under the themes of providing an instantaneous effect on the development sites through joint research with industries and of working on future-oriented themes. In addition to writing papers, our research results have been presented at international conferences or patented.

Major Research Areas

  • Java component search system: SPARS-J
  • Component recommendation based on collaborative filtering
SPARS-J image
  • Code clone detection and analysis tool
  • Refactoring for code clone
  • Code clone retrieval tool
  • Program dependence analysis
software image
  • Version management
  • Integration of historical data from development
  • Automatic classification of software
software image
  • Aspect-oriented programming
  • Evaluation of XML documents
  • Financial data management based on XBRL

Collaborative Research

  • Hitachi Ltd.: Financial data management based on XBRL
  • Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd.: Project management
  • Nihon Unisys Ltd: Code clone detection

External Project

  • Japan Science and Technology Agency, Research and Development for Applying Advanced Computational Science and Technology. (representative research)
  • Leading project for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Comprehensive development for e-society basic software." (collaborative research)
  • Subsidiary for the Industry-University-Government Joint New-Create Innovation Project for fiscal 2003. (collaborative research)

Professor Katsuro Inoue
Assistant Professor Makoto Mtsushita
URL http://sel.ist.osaka-u.ac.jp/

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